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An imaginary narrative for a nonprofit organization.



   The Gift was produced for a nonprofit organization which specializes in providing care and services for senior citizens.  The short film was used in their first ever fund raising campaign and was instrumental in their breaking all records for a first-time fundraiser.  The idea was to break away from the traditional explain-it-to-the-audience talking heads.  As the central character makes her journey, she travels through the landscape of what the organization does.  There is also a subtle second layer - see if you can figure out what it is.

   What makes this production unique is that it was executed by a combination of professional filmmakers and film students as an experiment to bring paying customers to a college's filmmaking program and at the same time give the program's students a resume line item that didn't have "student film" attached to it.

   The Gift  won the "Best in Show" award in the 2006 Accolade Awards competition.

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