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Taffy, a psychic and telepathic ten year-old-girl, and her older sister, Francine, are homeless and being hunted by every government in the world because whoever gets Taffy owns the planet.

This one-hour dramatic adventure TV series pits a benevolent little girl with extraordinary power against world leaders who only want to weaponize her.


Series Pilot - "Cat & Mouse"


•   2022  Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards - Quarterfinalist

•   2022 Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards - Honorable Mention
•   2022  Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest - Semifinalist

•   2022  Page Turner Screenplays - "First 15" - Quarterfinalist

•   2021  Coverfly - “Top 39%”
•   2017  ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship - Official Selection

•   2013  Sun Valley Film Festival - Finalist (one of only three)
•   2011  Fresh Voices Pitch Contest - Finalist

•   2009  People's Pilot - Second Prize -- Action/Drama

•   2009  WildSound - Winner - Original TV Series Pilot

Taffy (extras).png

Last known photo of Charlotte Marie Goodman... "Taffy."

However, given her ability to manipulate reality, there is no way of confirming this is what she actually looks like.

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