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A coming-of-age comedy

   Lip Sink is the story of The Ottley Sisters – Molly (“M”), Matlida (“Tilly”), and Maxine (“Max”) – who are between eleven and twelve years old and actually totally unrelated to one another.

   They, play, they sing, they dance. They are regularly invited to perform at birthday parties, weddings, dinners, country clubs, bar mitzvahs, senior centers, and a host of other places and events. In the grand tradition of The McGuire Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, the Boswell Sisters and The Fontaine Sisters.

   But what makes them unique is: They don't actually play. They don't actually sing.

Lip_Sink (extras).png

   Instead, featuring well-known performing artists and their music, the girls lip sync to the lyrics and their same-age musicians “play sync” to the music.

   They make no attempt to hide their style. And their audiences love it – they get to hear great music recorded by star performers and they get to watch a well-choreographed performance. And they get to experience it all for pennies on the dollar.

   Except right before their most important gig to date, their recorded music system fails and now they're forced to actually play and actually sing. And if they can't, their budding careers as faux musicians my just be over.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to pretend to play the drums without actually hitting anything?"

Addie, 11 - Drummer

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