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shooting at ballerinas

It's Eloise meets Jackson Pollock as a precocious and totally weird little girl whose priceless art is recognized around the world as genius conducts an all-out war against a society that's trying desperately to make her "normal."

Inspired by the life of an actual person and some other stuff.



Series Pilot


​•   2022 Sun Valley Film Festival - "High Scribe" - Winner

•   2022 Coverfly - “Top 16%”
•   2021 28th People's Pilot Winner - Best Comedy Series Pilot

•   2021 28th People's Pilot - Best WEB Series Pilot Episode

•   2020 Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Inroads Fellowship Season 4

•   2019 Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival

•   2019 Finalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition


Ballerinas (extras).png
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